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  • It can sometimes be difficult to reconcile the ideas of planning and implementing learning through play and intentional teaching in early childhood education and care.  How can learning experiences be planned and at the same time occur spontaneously as play?     It is well accepted and understood that there are a range of developmental areas across which educators must plan experiences for the children in their care, with the explicit intention of supporting their development. In rather old fashioned words, they are responsible for teaching children skills and understandings that in Australia are divided into physical, social, emotional, cognitive and linguistic domains in ACECQA's Developmental Milestones document. But taking these milestones as a starting point and attempting to implement experiences

  • Early Childhood Education practice promotes the concept of learning through play, however it is often difficult to think of activities that are appropriate for children under 12 months which provide appropriate learning opportunities and are interesting enough to engage them. It is the universal experience of exasperated parents everywhere, that their daughter or son passes on the new birthday or Christmas present and goes straight for the box that it came in, or even the wrapping paper. What is it about these experiences that make them more appealing to an infant than the toy itself? Who can really know the mind of a 1 year old? Without the benefit of being able to ask, a recent experience I had with